Who We Are

"New Light Community" is based on the words of the ancient Jewish prayer, "May You shine a new light on Zion and may all of us speedily merit its radiance." The sages of Israel defined this "new light" as the primordial light that originally shined during the six-days of creation that was then stored away for the righteous to be enjoyed in the World to Come. Since the Torah is called "light (אור)" (Prov. 6:23), this renewal of the light can also be understood as the uncovering of new and profound revelations derived from the timeless teachings of the Torah, particularly as revealed through the renewals of Yeshua (Heb. "Jesus") of Nazareth, as the Midrash states, "The Torah which we study in this world is vanity in comparison to the Torah of Messiah" (Eccles. Rabbah 11:8). Therefore, our name reflects our desire to receive these new and profound revelations through studying the ancient light of the timeless Torah, experiencing the revealed light of the Messiah (Jn. 8:12), and becoming transformed into a new light ourselves (Matt. 5:16), thereby hastening the day when the true essence of this renewed light will fully shine upon Zion and all Israel will perceive it's radiance - may it be speedily and in our days.

At New Light Community, we aspire to be a leading center for Messianic Judaism in Navarre, FL. What is "Messianic Judaism"? Messianic Judaism is the practice of normative Judaism influenced by the belief that Yeshua of Nazareth is the promised Messiah of Israel. 

Pertaining to our vision, we strive to hasten the final redemption (2 Pet. 3:12) by facilitating the process towards fullness for the nations (Rom. 11:25) and reconciliation of the Messiah Yeshua with His Jewish people (Rom. 11:11, 15, 26). Within our walls, we seek to equip both Jews and non-Jews with the tools necessary to develop and enhance their collective spiritual identity and unique individual callings within the Household of Israel. Since 2019, we have opened our doors to members of all backgrounds while maintaining an emphasis on following Yeshua in an authentically Jewish way (1 Jn. 2:6).

Join us today and take your faith to a whole new level.